Text Messaging (POTW)

From http://www.cemc.uwaterloo.ca/resources/potw.php, used with permission.

"Emeka is one of many Canadians who send texts to their friends. For example, in September 2009 about 3 billion texts were sent by the (approximately) 10 million Canadians who text.

a) Assuming the daily trend in the other months of 2009 are similar, how many texts were sent in total in 2009? (Use the daily calculation for September and answer in billions, rounded to one decimal place.)

b) About how many million texts were sent each day? (Answer in millions, rounded to one decimal place. Use September's number and 30 days per month.)

c) If Emeka texts like an average Canadian, how many texts does she send in a year? (Rounded to the nearest integer.)

d) If each text message takes about 30 seconds to compose and send, about how much time does Emeka spend texting in a year?" (Answered in hours, rounded to one decimal.)

Submit your file as "Initials-Text Messaging", where "Initials" are your initials.

Note: Format your output exactly like this:

There were about 36.5 billion texts sent in total in 2009.
There were about 100.0 million texts sent per day in September 2009.
Emeka sends approximately 3650 texts per year.
Emeka spends 30.0 hours texting per year.

You will find this website invaluable for formatting your text correctly.

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